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Awning Thai Silk (corak)

RM 28 each

RM 25 (utk 2 helai & keatas)

Awning Thai Silk (Plain)

RM 35 each

RM 32 (utk 2 helai & keatas)

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Awning Sulam Tangan

Kain Lycra

RM38 each

RM35 (utk 2 helai n keatas)

Awning Thai Silk (Plain)

RM 35 each

RM 32 (utk 2 helai & keatas)

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Tudung Hawa Syria Ekslusif

Terbaru di pasaran

Inner --> Awning Berbatu
Outer: Kain Net strechable

( sesuai utk smua jenis size muka, klau muka agak bulat pn sesuai) :)


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